Emoji School

Emoji School is a game of inductive reasoning. Play a teacher and make up the rules, or play as a student and try to work out what the rules are. One player hosts a game (the teacher) and creates a puzzle for other players (the students) to solve. The puzzle is a rule that the students are tying to find, the rule being based on the number, type and position of emoji characters in a row. But as players will be making up the rules it could be anything a player invents. Good teachers will create a rule that is interesting yet simple, but not too obvious. Will you make a good teacher or will you be the smartest student at Emoji School.


Emoji School Press Release

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Play a naturalist researcher in this puzzle game for iPhone. Using scientific method deduce rules hidden in collections of insects, and then confirm your theories with another eminent scientist. Inspired by the wonderfully thought provoking board game that is Zendo, and the extraordinary work and insight of the naturalists Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.

This is a game that is going to challenge you, not only in your powers of reasoning but also in your ability to observe, identify and find patterns in seemingly random combinations.


• 55 Levels

• 10 Achievements

• And countless hidden rules.

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Download the Press Kit (5.7MB)